Our Tandem Trip Diary - 2012

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17 March 2012 - Dexheim-Astheim-Dexheim
Total 35 kms

Finally a few dry days and warmer temperatures.... perfect to take a short trip and open the Tandem Season 2012.

An acquaintance told us about the new house he was building so after checking out it's location on the map, we decided that a trip there and back would be an ideal warm-up trip. Starting off down the hill to Nierstein, we suddenly realized that Darrell had taken the path as if going to work in Mainz-Kastel. Luckily we realized before we had gone too far and were able to turn around and head back to the ferry in Oppenheim.

After we crossed the Rhein, we turned left and followed the Rhein past Trebur-Hessenaue, along the familiar paths that we rode so often last year on our Nonnenau trips. Arriving at Astheim (after posing by the street signs for a photo) we realized that we had actually been past there on our "flat-tyre" trip back in April of 2011.

On the way back, we found the new bike path that had been under construction for so long. It was certainly worth the wait since the entire stretch is a smooth asphalt coated path which was a pleasure to ride (in spite of the gale force headwinds).

We got lucky with the ferry, boarding almost immediately and, arriving back on our side, decided to make a short detour into Nierstein.... the first trip of the year and the first ice-cream of the year.... with the warmer weather, the Ice-Cafe was doing a roaring trade! After a nice break we set off back up the hill which we mastered with bravour and arrived home weary but pleased with our first ride of 2012.




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